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A 90-minute edularp to practice communicating about sex and desire for 2–5 adults (including one facilitator who also plays).

“Our show is super successful and has a huge following! The two main protagonists, Kim and Zee, are going to have sex with each other for the first time after a whole season of ‘will they, won’t they?’ The producer wants to go with a script written by some external hot-shot script writer, but it is not good enough! That is not what our two beloved heroes deserve. We, the in-house script writers, have much better ideas. It’s time to show the producer how we would design the sex scene in a way which is way hotter and way more interesting. And we’re doing it in 40 minutes!”

You will be (re)-writing a short sex scene — it might feel silly and awkward, but in the in-game universe, it will win an Emmy and be a great success, whatever is in it. In just 40 minutes, the writers will have managed to write this scene, and at the end they will all believe it does the two characters justice, even if they might feel that it could have been even better.

The game’s characters are writers of an audio drama or animated TV show who want to fix the existing script for a sex scene between the two main characters. Every writer has three things they want to include in the scene and one thing they are less keen on. The writers now need to negotiate what the final scene is going to look like. 

The writers try to agree on an outline for the scene that is going to be produced. It needs to have both dialogue and actions/narration. In the end, the writers are encouraged to do a read-through of the final scene.

Depending on the preferences of the players, the tone of the game can range from silly and goofy to sexy and serious. The sex referenced in the game can range from only-hinted-at to raunchy and explicit.

This edularp was made by Andrea Rick, Beatrix Livesey-Stephens, Gerrit Reininghaus, and Susanne, as part of the Clitical Hits jam. 

Install instructions

Download the PDF and either of the templates that you want to use. The PDF will walk you through how to use them.


Less explicit template
More explicit template
The_Amazing_Sex_Scene_Rewrite_v1.0 (1).pdf 900 kB


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Playtesting this game was the most fun I've had at a larp in a while.

Thank you so much!!